Sunday, March 30, 2008

Had To Stop at Steak 'N Shake

On my recent 19 hour visit to Orlando for the Florida Film Festival (see previous post) I had to stop at one of my favorite burger chains, TWICE. Yup, I don't get to enjoy Steak 'N Shake where I live so eating two double steakburgers with cheese, pickles, and mustard was a must (one for dinner when I arrived then one for lunch on the way to the airport). The reason Steak 'N Shake is sooo good is that they use fresh ground beef for their burgers. I like to sit at the counter and watch as the griddle person takes smallish wads of fresh ground and presses them paper-thin on the flattop griddle. The buns are toasted and the shakes are made with real ice cream. That slogan on the plate dates back to the 1930s when they used to grind the meat right in front of the customers, much like the way Joe's Cable Car in San Fran does. We need a Steak 'N Shake in NYC.

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