Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top Notch With The Gang

Had to post this pic since it now lives on the wall at Top Notch Beefburger. I was in Chicago for the 3rd Annual Chicago Food Film Festival a few weeks ago and stopped into Top Notch for a King Size with cheese and onions with a few good friends. With me was editor Mike Fox, long-time Food Film Fest volunteer Fletcher Chen, Food Film Fest Beer Sommalier The Rev, and my son Mac. With the exception of Mac and myself, the other 3 had never been before. Glad I got them down there!

The burgers at Top Notch are unquestionably some of the most consistently great burgers in America. It always amazes and delights me to know that burgers like this exist out there, burgers that will always be there for you. Not the same can be said of the original owner Diran J. Soulian who Grub Street Chicago reported unfortunately passed away last month after running Top Notch for over 60 years. It seems like the place is in good hands however, and if it's any indication, the King Size I ate tasted the same as the first one I consumed way back in 2005.