Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top Notch Hits The Spot

At the end of a quick trip to Chicago I was compelled to swing by one of my burger faves on the way to the airport. Just past Midway on Cicero and 95th is one of the later spinoffs in the Top Notch Beefburger chain. I've been told it's not as good as the original but I didn't care. I had a jones and I had the rental car floored. When I walked in I told the girl taking orders that I had to be at the airport in 10 minutes, "Can I have the King Size 1/2 pounder with onions?" Hmmm she said, "That'll take 10 minutes." Thinking quickly I tried, "How about the quarter-pounder?" "5 minutes," she told me so I said, "Great! I'll take 2 quarter-pounders."

Minutes later I was back in the car inhaling these gorgeous quarter-pounders covered in glorious, sweet, sauteed onions and driving 80 mph on Cicero. Made the flight in time but I'm sure the dude that checked my car in at Hertz was questioning the rank bouquet of my rental...

The pic above is a Top Notch quarter-pounder from a previous visit. The two I ate yesterday kicked the piss out of this one. Whoever said this outpost of Top Notch was no good was way wrong!