Tuesday, March 11, 2008

**Breaking News** - The End of Schnack is Near

I have it on good authority that the end is near for one of the only descent burger joints in Brooklyn. This Sunday, March 16th, our beloved Schnack will quietly close it's doors for good and bid farewell to the single, double, triple, and quad 'Schnakie' burgers. The burgers at Schnack, 2 oz. sliders with a dollop of the chipotle/mayo "Schnack Sauce", have garnered accolades from Time Out magazine over the years and will be missed. Fortunately, chef Harry Hawk is also an integral part of Water Taxi Beach in L.I.C., Queens, which has an awesome, fresh-ground burger on the summer menu (the Motz Burger, natch, designed by yours truly). I spoke to Harry today and he told me Schnack will only be open this coming Friday, Sat, and Sunday...

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