Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally Made It to 67 Burger

I made a lunch visit to the newish 67 Burger of Fort Greene Brooklyn the other day. Seems they did their research before opening because the best parts of just about every new burger joint in NYC can be felt here: fresh ground burgers cooked over a flame (Stand, Burger Joint, GoodBurger, etc.), Bosco soda on tap (the other Burger Joint), and they even use the same exact ordering system as brgr with those numbers-on-a-stick you bring to your table. They did adopt one bad trait though and offer Dijon mustard like so many so-called 'upscale' burger purveyors do in New York. Fortunately, when I asked for mustard, they did ask, "Dijon or yellow?" Whew. I wonder what becomes their default mustard though? The menu is vast, laid out like a flow chart, offering an astounding array of options (8 types of cheese??) and many ways to dress your burger. The burger I had was amazing (with mustard and pickle), and dare I say the juiciest I've ever eaten. I ordered mine 'medium' the way I normally would and the burger arrived at temp. My first bite produced an audible slurp and gulp followed by a gush of juices. A burger cooked through with a pink center is not the type you'd associate with gushing juices. Within seconds, the bottom bun had disintegrated. 67 makes a great, thick, juicy burger even though it's a bit over-salted. Don't forget to order a Bosco soda, and stick to the yellow mustard.

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