Friday, October 10, 2008

What Happened To Texas Burger Guy?

One of my favorite sources for Texas burger info seems to have dried up recently. After repeat visits to the well-liked I've noticed that the most recent post to the blog was way back in early January '08. I've emailed TexasBurgerGuy (aka: Noel Kersh, a forensic investigator in Texas) but never got a response. It was his blog that confirmed the greatness of one of the real winners in my book, Christian's Tailgate (formerly Christian's Totem) in Houston (with some help from author Robb Walsh). In the last few years he has reviewed and quaffed burgers at 29 mom & pop joints and dives all over the state. It would be a shame if he has thrown in the towel for some reason.

TexasBurgerGuy uses a quirky but definitive rating system for the burgers he eats known as the TexasBurgerGuy Terminology. Using criteria like 'Oooze Factor' and 'Herd Killer' we are able to know these burgers in a way that most print media and bozos like the Food Network wouldn't recognize. He also shoots priceless, sometimes out-of-focus snapshots of his dining experiences that truly set the tone (see photo above). His everyman approach to reviewing burgers is invaluable. 

If anyone knows why he stopped burger blogging let me know. Has he moved on to BBQ? Left the state? If you are wondering, by the way, what happened to brgr's Chris Russell after he left the successful Chelsea (NY) burger joint he opened, I found him, mystery solved. Turns out he is part of the team that brought Justin Timberlake's BBQ venture to life, Southern Hospitality on the Upper East Side. He told me, "We do, by the way, happen to have a pretty good burger!"


Anonymous said...

OMG, I too was wondering where he went. Living here in Houston - I always enjoyed his blog and recommendations.....hope he returns!

Git Mohair said...

Yup, come on back TBG, you're really missed...