Monday, June 30, 2008

Up to New Haven and Meriden

I had to go up to New Haven this past Saturday for work so a trip to Louis' Lunch was inevitable. We made it there during the peak of lunch and, as expected, the wait was long. I heard the person in front of me order onions only to be told, "Not now, no time for that." Such is life at this 100+ year-old burger counter, rules are rules. After a 35 minute wait we were handed our paper plates with perfectly cooked, juicy and bleeding hamburger sandwiches (on Pepperidge Farms toast of course) with the obligatory schmear of Cheese Whiz...yum.

After eating, expert burger taster Kris and myself decided we were too close to Ted's in Meriden to not visit. Within 15 minutes we were sitting at the counter eating excellent steamed cheeseburgs. Someone came in after we ate and ordered one with sauteed onions. Huh? That's right, Ted's now offers sauteed onions on their steamed cheeseburgs. I was already two burgers down (for the afternoon) so I'll have to indulge next time.

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Ryan 'plagiarize' Acheson said...

I've only been to Ted's a couple of times (both in the last few months), and both times I went I got my steamed cheeseburg with sauted onions and mustard.

It was a trip there that led me to discover your great book... and this blog.

The sauted onions at Ted's come recommended from me at the very least.