Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apple Pan and In-N-Out Revisited

When I visited the Apple Pan the other day I completely forgot to give a copy of the new book to one of my hamburger heroes Charles Collins. Charles has been working at the Apple Pan for over 50 years now, and as I put it in the book, he has devoted a lifetime to your burger pleasure. The least I could do was get a book to him. So today, I made a second trip in 3 days and of course had another Hickory Burger. I was with a friend and he opted for the Steakburger (both pictured). I think Charles was happy to see the book.

After scarfing the burger, we headed over to In-N-Out again, this time to try out the Fries, Animal Style I spotted the other day. We hit a West LA location and after a short wait saw the fabled fry concoction for the first time. It was a tasty pile of goodness, melted cheese, sauteed onions, and special sauce piled high on their fresh-cut fries. It was actually a meal in itself and after the Hickory Burger and another In-N-Out cheeseburger I had a hard time finishing the fries.

Tomorrow I travel home, but on Saturday I'll be in New Haven, CT, at the famous 'birthplace' of the hamburger, Louis' Lunch.

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Nick Solares said...

I have been following the book, in the last month I have eaten at:

Ben's Chili Bowl
White Manna
Apple Pan
Pie N Burger
Louis Lunch

Plus many more including In N Out, reviews to come on AHT. thanks for the inspiration...