Monday, April 30, 2012

National Burger Month Starts Tomorrow

I'm starting National Burger Month tomorrow by having a burger at the joint that started it all for me - the Apple Pan in LA. It was over 20 years ago that I first slipped into a spot at the worn Formica horseshoe counter to indulge in the burger that would slightly alter the course of my life. That Hickory Burger, and the place (and most of the people who work at the Pan) have remained unchanged and the burger I will eat tomorrow will be no different than my first.

I hope you have a great National Burger Month. A great way to kick start the month would be to drop into Bill's Bar & Burger for Chef Brett's latest concoction - the Meatloaf Burger. Now, I know you are thinking, wait, George doesn't eat meatloaf burgers. WTF? That's true, but in this case I'll make an exception. That's because this is not a silly burger stuffed with eggs and spices, it's actually a slice of tasty meatloaf on a bun topped with caramelized onions! And not just any meatloaf, Chef Brett's meatloaf. Why is it so good? Because Brett told me this afternoon, "I LOVE, Meatloaf..." and he trailed off. Ok, it's not really a burger, it's a meatloaf sandwich and it's only available for the month so enjoy. EBT Kris B.  sure did - he polished his off in just a few minutes. And this thing is huge.