Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shake Shack In The Snow

Now that the Shake Shack in Madison Park is open year-round it seems the line has thinned at lunch time (especially when the temp drops below freezing). I had not been in a while so I checked the ShackCam for the status of the wait only to find not a single person in line at 12:15pm on a Tuesday. Then I noticed the outdoor heaters and was on my way. It was only around 38 degrees out and the crowd was thin. Just as my brother and I got our burgers it started to snow hard and the crowd scattered. The outdoor heaters? Broken. We sat and enjoyed our warm, buttered burgers as we were pelted by wet snow. It was totally worth the trip but we probably should have gone to the newer UWS Shack that has indoor seating.

By the way, Shake Shack has embraced the 'line' that inevitably forms at the Madison Park location on warm days. So much so that they have incorporated the image into their homepage flash.