Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy National Hamburger Day

To celebrate this holiday that I'm supposed to know all about (but completely forgot until I got a call to be on this radio show today) I decided to do some more hamburger experimentation at home in the Hamburger America Test Kitchen. I had failed in the past miserably with the Jucy Lucy so I decided to try again. Not surprisingly, I failed again. The wobbling stuffed burger didn't explode this time but the cheese inside never melted and the core of the burger was cold and raw. Daughter Ruby and I decided to fall back on our old favorite and easy to re-create Oklahoma Onion-Fried Burger (pictured above). It was a success. So much so that we made another. Happy Burger Day to you.


Don said...

Don't jump all over me for this, but try making the Juicy Lucy by microwaving the patty for 30 sec's immediately before putting it on the grill. It raises the internal temp just enough to keep the cheese from refusing to melt.

Just try it!

Hamburger America said...

hmmmm...that's a good idea! Though I don't own a microwave. I think the key may be to just cook it longer at a lower temp. Thanks for the idea.