Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Book Tour Day 5

Woke up in Gallatin, TN this morning at the home of a friend. The house is on a lake (near Johnny Cash's old place) a few miles north of Nashville. I finally got some needed rest and woke to thick fog on the lake.

The first media stop of the day was a walk-on segment for Ch. 4 local news in Nashville. I met my publisher-assigned media escort Sharon nearby and made it to the station way too early. I was on a human interest segment of the news, wedged between a hair extension specialist and a woman who rescues dogs. Not the best match-up for burger stories. Regardless, the newscaster (Holly) was a great interviewer.

My next media was only minutes away but we were already late so Sharon drove 80mph to get me there. I got the rock star treatment when Sharon screeched to a halt in front of the radio station and I was whisked away by a producer. I was being asked a question by the host live as I snuck into the studio and slipped my headphones on. It wasn't until then that I realized the host was the famed Nashville political talk show guy Steve Gill. Steve likes hamburgers and loved the book. The interview was a breeze and they had ordered 12 (cold) burgers from Rotier's for the show. I ate a half knowing that later in the day i'd be eating a hot one.

From there Sharon took me around to local bookstores and I met managers and signed books. Most were happy to meet me and had great burger questions. We had lunch at the famous Nashville BBQ spot Jack's Barbeque at the West Trinity location. I may have had the best beef brisket ever at Jack's...

We made it to Rotier's finally where I had a scheduled interview with the big local paper, the Tennessean. After the interview (and my first burger at Rotier's not on French bread) a photographer shot a portrait of me holding a burger. I'm usually totally opposed to this kind of promotional stuff but the shot actually looked good so I shut up.

Next was the actual reading at the local big independent bookstore Davis Kidd. This branch of the bookstore was in a newish mall complex and was enormous. The store had set up chairs and books but only 3 people showed (not counting two of my friends and my escort). Thankfully, those three asked great questions but the reading was basically a bust.

I slept again up at the lake and packed my bag for my early morning flight to Austin. From one music city to the next.

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