Thursday, May 8, 2008

Book Tour Day 7

I barely slept 2 hours in Austin before my 3:30am wake up call came in. By 4:15 I was on my way to the airport to Houston. The stupid-early flight was planned to get me to a 7:45 appearance on the local Fox affiliate but they rescheduled for 9:30...My next escort Pam and I had 3 hours to kill in a town that sleeps late. No bookstores to visit, no shopping, and barley a breakfast spot open. We did find a great smoothie place - I needed something to flush the recent burger intake outta me.

My walk-on for Fox 26 TV became a taped segment against a mottled backdrop in the studio and took 2 minutes. After the only TV appearance for Houston, Pam drove me to a handful of bookstores to sign books. Pam was an excellent driver and had no trouble navigating the immense sprawl of Houston. It's a huge city and feels like LA with too much humidity. There was no time to visit my to burger favorites in Houston Christian's Tailgate and Lankford Grocery because I had to go to my scheduled noon reading. I didn't want to keep my fans waiting.

We made it to my next 'reading' at Brazos Bookstore, a tiny independent, and nothing was advertised in the windows. Just as we were getting out of the car, someone from the store came out and put a small sign on the front door announcing my upcoming appearance. We walked in to find that the 'reading' had turned into a 'signing'. Must be a Texas thing. I kid you not when I say that NO ONE walked into the store for the full hour that I sat there, with the exception of a local author that wanted to talk about stocking his book. He actually bought a book. I signed their stock of 40 books and high-tailed it to the airport. I was off to Chicago.

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