Sunday, May 4, 2008

Book Tour - Day 3

Woke up today ready for the El Reno Burger Day Festival. After a visit to the hotel gym and a banana I took the short 30 mile drive to the heart of burger country. The festival shut down all of downtown El Reno an included a classic car show, multiple stages, burgers, and more. I was there to sign books and the festival had set up a tent for me and a local bookseller. I signed over 100 books and met a lot of great burger lovers. Our tent was downwind of the 800 pound onion-fried burger the festival cooks up each year and hands out free to waiting festival goers. After the signing, the guys from the bookstore joined me and friend Tom Palmore at Sid's Diner. Marty Hall was at the griddle feverishly cranking out perfect onion-fried burgers and could barely turn around for hellos. At the counter we were treated to some of the best burgers and coneys in the land. I did not however get to have my favorite shake in America - Sid's peanut butter chocolate milkshake.

Ended the day in my Vegas-huge hotel room watching NASCAR.  A great way to wrap up a day of burger-eating. Tomorrow a visit to the Meers Store, then off to Nashville.


Kelly said...

Dear George,

Thanks for coming to Oklahoma and going to the Hamburger Festival yesterday in El Reno. We've previously eaten at them and loved them but didn't stay and eat there yesterday (the crowd was too long).

We bought three books from you and you also signed a picture-notecard for my brother-in-law who lives in Santa Fe, NM, who already has your book and DVD (he had ordered several when they were first released). He eats at the Bobcat Bites and loves it as do we!

We drove from Oklahoma City to see the Festival and buy your book and get your autograph.

We've actually eaten at Meers several times too! Hope it is a success today as well!

My fiancee e-mailed you some pictures last night of "you" taking some pictures at the festival. He is an excellent photographer and has a number of other great pictures of the whole festival etc... if you'd like him to e-mail you anymore of them, let us know and he'd be happy to send them to you. He's an attorney here in Oklahoma City.

We love your book and have watched your movie on the Sundance channel numerous times!

I'm the one that tried to take a picture of you and my fiancee and his mother but could never get it to focus. (the dumb blond I guess is fitting, hahaha).

Keep up the great work with film-making and book writing! You're really good! We'll keep supporting your talents!



DocChuck said...

Well, guy, I don't BUY very many books (that's what libraries are for), but the little lady went to B&N yesterday and picked me up a copy of your book.

We're making the LONG flight to Seattle next week and I can read about hamburgers (one of my FAVORITE subjects) on the way - or more than likely, while waiting in the airport for another delay.