Monday, May 5, 2008

Book Tour Day 4

There was no media planned for today and it was basically a day off for me. I decided to take the trip from Oklahoma City down to Meers to visit one of my hamburger heroes, Joe Maranto. On the way down I stopped at Chickasha to see the J&W Grill knowing it was closed. I could see through the window though that they had received the promotional materials the publisher sent and had a small poster up. 

I made it to the Meers Store around 11:30 and there was already a line out the door. Cars and motorcycles were parked everywhere and the restaurant was packed. Pretty impressive for a
burger spot so far out in the Oklahoma hills. Joe and I ate burgers (he had a small one, I had the 1/2 pound Meerscheeseburger with jalepenos) and talked about everything from global warming to politics to his new favorite movie The Great Debaters (filmed in his hometown in Texas). I'm still impressed by his gift for gab. I could have stayed all day but had to catch a flight to Nashville. He sent me on my way with two large bottles of Meers Gold, his new wheat brew, a local favorite called Chocktaw Beer.

On the way back up to Oklahoma City I was bombarded by pollen and my new allergies to the stuff were killing me. On top of that, there were so many bugs bouncing off the windshield that by the time I got to the airport the windshield was coated with bug goo. I tried to use the wiper fluid and it ended up creating what looked like pancake mix on the windshield.

Easy flight to Nashville to stay with friends in the country. Tomorrow, a big day that involves a visit to the local Nashville morning Ch.4 news, lots of AM radio, a photo shoot of me with a burger, and multiple book signings.


Jay said...

My wife and I are driving from Chicago to Austin TX in August (great time to go to TX, I know - but there are a ton of bands playing that we wanna see), and we're definitely planning to use your book as a guide on the way down there. I've been obsessed with the Meer's Store since I first saw Hamburger American the movie, and simply cannot wait to try it myself.

Hope to see you at the Billy Goat on Thursday, too!

Hamburger America said...

Make your first stop the Moonshine Store way south in Illinois if possible. Check the hours though...they close at 1pm!