Monday, June 2, 2008

NASCAR and Burgers

Made it to Dover, Delaware over the weekend to watch the greatest sport around - NASCAR. Food at the track was pitiful (the enormo turkey leg is popular at racing events but we stuck with the corndogs). We saved ourselves for a stop at the ubiquitous Five Guys hamburgers on the way back to Brooklyn. I was convinced there would be one near the track since this burger chain was from the DC area. Sure enough, we found one, empty, in Bear, DE., just off I-95. Once again, I enjoyed a juicy bacon double with those tasty fresh-cut fries. It was a well-earned treat after sitting in the sun with all of those drunken, sunburnt Dale Jr. fans (you can't see them in the picture because they were all thrown out for fighting by about the 100th lap of the race). By the way, check out the guy in the picture, just below my chin, caught in the act of cracking open a freshie, a Silver Bullet of course.

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