Saturday, June 14, 2008


I visited Zaitzeff again the other day with friend and blogger Adam Kuban. We braved the 95 degree heat and the thick lunch crowds of Wall Street and were rewarded with excellent, fresh-ground beef burgers. Adam was there on assignment, I was there for lunch. I remembered that the last time I visited, even though I loved the burger, I needed more. This time around I ordered the 1/2 pound burger over the 1/4 pounder and was very satisfied. The burgers are cooked medium-rare without asking and are juicy as hell. I often forgo tomato and lettuce but always say yes to grilled onions. We discovered on this visit that Zaitzeff gets their ground beef from the high-end meat purveyor D'Artagnan.  That's why these burgers taste so damn good.

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The √úbereater said...

Hit Zaitzeff last night and was thoroughly impressed. My 1/2 sirloin was juicy and quite happy in that super buttery muffin. Great place, I will be back..

The Ubereater