Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Fun Book Signing at Irv's!

This afternoon I had a scheduled book signing at Irv's Burgers in West Hollywood. Not a lot of people showed up (4pm on a tuesday is kinda rough for most) but those who did come down were great. I did what I love to do most, which is to sit around and wax nostalgic about America. I completely lost track of time and spent almost 2 hours chatting with my new friends Paul, Ted, and screenwriter/author Carl Gottlieb. I also got to eat one of my favorite burgers in LA - an Irv's double with cheese, pickles, mustard and mayo. While I was eating at my usual spot at one of the three beat-up stools only 5 feet from the traffic of Santa Monica Blvd., I noticed some grilled onions on the griddle. I had no idea that Sonia offered grilled onions. New friend Ted told me that I must get one of Sonia's breakfast burritos next time I'm near Irv's in the AM. I asked Sonia to pose for a photo out front and she quickly complied (above). I had no idea how tiny this burger icon was! (Or maybe I'm huge). The photo was snapped by DJ, the bookseller that came from Book Soup to sell books.

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Edward Garren said...

Sonia has moved to a new location, 3 blocks up the street on Santa Monica Blvd. I want to give her a "blow up" of this photo of the two of you as a present to hang in the new place. Could you please send me a full sized file of it to take to the printer? You can eMail it to me at

Thanks, Ed Garren