Friday, June 6, 2008

My Visit with Gayle King on Oprah XM Radio

Just got home from my visit to Gayle King's talk show on XM Radio's Oprah channel. What an amazing interview! The studio is set up like a small living room with mics attached to comfy talk-show chairs. The room is thankfully missing the traditional large desk console and is virtually free of buttons, sliders, and flashing lights. It was like a talk between friends instead of a stiff radio show.

The first thing out of Gayle's mouth was something to the effect of, "Everyone knows that Oprah is my best friend, but I have a new best friend...George Motz!" Even though she pronounced my name wrong I was honored by the new title. She was a great interviewer and was amazed that I was not obese, asked about my cholesterol, and openly told me to shave the sideburns. I kinda felt like I was on a radio version of 'The View'. She clearly loves hamburgers and truly appreciated my input on the subject. The producers of the show had burgers brought in from PJ Clarke's and Corner Bistro for tasting and by the time I walked into the studio she was already halfway thru one. The PJ's burger was amazing, even though it was over 30 mins old, but the burger from Corner Bistro was so overcooked I could have broken a window with it. The burgers we are holding up in the picture are half-eaten PJ burgers. After the show I thanked Gayle for creating a larger awareness about burgers in America.

I'd like to do a mini burger tour with her. I think it'd make a great segment on Oprah.


Juice Plus Truth said...

George, have you heard of this?

It is a great awareness tool to show kids just how unhealthy fast food hamburgers are! I hope you like it and if you do, will you talk it up?

My mission is to try to reverse the Obesity trend and raising awareness of the harm Fast Food does to our bodies is a great start!

I have been on Oprah's XMs w/ Bob Greene (re-airring this week as part of childhood obesity awareness) and on Dr. Oz's show

Julia Havey

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your interview on Gayle King this morning. I thought it was humourous to hear you guys munching away on the burgers and interesting enough that I looked up your book on Amazon.

I had my husband get me a Winery Burger from The Winery (a dive bar) in Decatur IL after my son's birth. It's a place where there is no menu, only burgers with or without cheese and onions and bagged chips. But the grill is over 90 years old and even though I'm sure the beef is not good quality the resulting burgers are the bomb.

Patrick B. said...

Congrats! My fiancee just told me about your book and I found your blog here.

CristinaMatthes said...

Hi George,
I heard you on Gayle King this week...and I was so excited. I immediately purchased the book for my husband for father's day. I am a hamburger lover...and cannot wait to try some of your recommendations. If you are ever looking for a "taste tester" I am available!
Have you ever tried-Oprah's favorite turkey burger-the Mar-a-lago burger from Donald Trump's is fabulous! I usually am a beef fan..but this definately compared nicely to some of the burgers that I have can find the recipe on
Thanks again for this great book...

Unknown said...

Did she smell like Oprah?