Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Poll

Look on the right. Blogger offers a poll and I'm fully taking advantage of this function. I thought I'd start with an easy one - the bun. By this point you know my favorite.  What's yours? Anyone who answers brioche might be banned from this blog (no pressure).


The Übereater said...

I'm not sure why you're hating on brioche. Why is it unacceptable? DocChuck above me here seems to be more concerned with sucking up to Hamburger America than stating his own opinion here.

Martin's Potato Rolls (like the ones Shake Shack uses) are one of the best, but so are brioche buns - the more buttery the better. Probably my favorite is the Portuguese muffin they use at Zaitzeff in NYC. Great stuff.

But again, what's with hating on brioche buns? I couldn't disagree more that it is "unacceptable under any conditions." That smacks of the sort of sophomoric myopia that has people scoffing at putting pepperoni on pizza.

-The Ubereater

Hamburger America said...

Hey wait a minute....I love pepperoni pizza! And you are right, I forgot about the Portugese Roll. Love that burger at Zaitzeff.

The Übereater said...

Zaitzeff is definitely one of my top 5 burgers in NYC. I also have to laud Five Napkin Burger on 9th Ave. It's consistently juicy and well-dressed - almost decadent I think. The bacon cheeseburger might even be more enjoyable than their original, with the caramelized onions and comte cheese. The Rosemary aioli is impressive.

The bun at Five Napkin is solid.

What I can't stand are run of the mill, sesame buns that literall disintegrate at the 1st touch. There is a great spot on the North side of th Chicago (5800 block) called Moody's Pub. Their burgers are great, but about 1 in 3 times you get a day old sesame bunch that literally crumbles in your hands. I don't know why they just don't upgrade their damn buns.

-The Ubereater

Burger Conquest - Rev said...



M said...

If it's a thick burger, I prefer a pretzel roll, thin burgers I like a squishy light bun.