Friday, January 9, 2009

New In-N-Out Book, Due April '09

Fanatics of one of the most celebrated fast food burger joints in America are going to flip for a new book that hits bookshelves this Spring. Stacy Perman, staff writer for BusinessWeek, has written a history of the West Coast phenomenon, simply titled In-N-Out Burger (Collins Business). I was sent an advance copy over the holiday break and started in right away. I kid you not when I say the book is a page-turner (maybe the case only for true fanatics), so much so that I shipped 4 other food-related books home and stuck to Stacy's book for the vacation.

Stay tuned. Pre-ordering has begun on Amazon. I need a Double-Double Animal-Style.


David Landis said...

Can't wait for Stacy Perman's latest. She's one of the most intelligent, insightful and entertaining writers around - plus who else but a native California gal could tell this story so well?

James Graff said...

I know Stacy Perman's got the works on the In-N-Out clan, and that she's told the tale with relish. Really looking forward to reading it.