Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hamburger America Gallery Show is Up!

This past Tuesday I hung 14 images from the book in the Greenhouse Gallery at the James Beard Foundation in Manhattan. The show is not open to the public but if you are a member of the foundation you can't miss the show if you are attending an event at the house. There are 10 - 11x14 images and 4- 30x30. 

As I was hanging the photos a girl that works there saw the image of Joe Maranto from the Meers Store in Oklahoma (above, with Bonnie) and said, "Ahhh, there's my man." Gotta love a septuagenarian rancher who elicits that kind of response.

The show runs through the end of February. For the full monty, come to the Beard Burger Bash on Feb. 3rd. Josh Ozersky will be there to wax poetic about burgers, Harry Hawk will be there to make amazing burgers and I'll be there to eat them.

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