Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New Jersey Triptych

I was looking at some old photos of past burger research and realized that it had been a while since I'd been on my New Jersey Food Triptych. The triptych consists of 2 rippers from Rutt's Hut, 2 doubles at the White Manna, and a chocolate malt from Bischcoff's, all within an hour, all for lunch.

Since this is a burger blog I'll leave out the details of the hot dogs and the milkshake but tell you that the White Manna (which is in my book) is as good as ever. I was joined on the triptych by expert burger taster Kris Brearton and we decided to bring along food blogger I was shocked to learn that he had never been to the famed Manna but glad to see him walk away thoroughly satisfied. It really is one of the most historically significant burger joints in America cranking out the same original, gooey slider for over 70 years. 

I did discover that by showing up at the White Manna 11:30am on a Monday you have the place to yourself. Of course by the time we finished off our doubles with onions and cheese the place was wall-to-wall dudes. 


Alex said...

Thought you and your readers might dig this guide to dealing with those pesky vegans....

Shameless Carnivores Guide to Defending Against Vegan Attacks

Hamburger America said...

That's a good one. My wife was a vegetarian for 17 years until a month ago. Now there's a vegetarian that understands, so much so that she converted!