Saturday, November 8, 2008

LaCense Beef - Mail Order Grass-Fed

Going to your local butcher for steaks and ground beef is always best, but eating a good mail order steak from the likes of Omaha Steaks once in a while is OK. Recently however I was tipped off to a mail order grass-fed beef supplier from Montana, LaCense Beef. Their website has a great Grass-Fed 101 section for those that need convincing. I entered their 'write your own slogan' contest last spring and have been receiving promotional mail ever since. The last flyer I got from them pushed their new 'tasting pack' of frozen sirloin steaks (not on their order page) for a pretty decent price. I've never been a huge fan of grass-fed beef but it was worth a shot. Part of the promotion included 2 pounds of ground beef for free.

Naturally, the first thing I did when I received my cooler with dry ice (great presentation by the way, wrapped in a ribbon with a personal note) was to defrost the ground beef and make burgers (pictured above with griddled onions). My past experience with grass-fed is that it tends to be dry, lean, and hard to cook. To ensure moist patties, I dipped my spatula into that morning's bacon grease and gave the burgers a little smear. Totally unnecessary. Within the next minute the burgers started to create their own copious amount of grease. This was some fatty grass-fed and the burgers were phenomenal.

Though I'm not big on frozen beef at all, I give LaCense credit for creating some of the tastiest grass-fed beef I've had so far. Let's hope the sirloin steaks can match up.

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