Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three New Park Slope Burger Joints

That's right, all in one week, 3 new burger spots have risen all within a few blocks of my house. What's up with that? The Brooklyn Burger Bar (a failure by all accounts) on 9th St. and 7th Ave. closed yesterday (?) and Flipster's has opened in its place. It's under new ownership we think so let's hope this group knows what they are doing.

I was on my way to meet blogger Adam Kuban at the week-old Corner Burger and passed the soon-to-be-open Five Guys on 7th Ave at 6th St. Now there's a burger we can count on. From the looks of the interior progress, they should be opening in a week. A call to Five Guys corporate resulted in voice mail. I also sent them my book a month ago and have received zero response.

Adam wanted to check out the spanking-new Corner Burger on 5th Ave at 6th St. and we had high hopes. I heard two guys walking down the street talking about it the other day and they both agreed it would fail because every other restaurant in that space has. The burger looked good (see photo) but was embarrassingly overcooked. Worse was Adam's burger that he asked for medium-rare. It too was over-cooked and pressed dry. Yikes. The bun was also clearly too big for its beefy partner.

Oh well, let's hope that Five Guys wows 'em because if this neighborhood doesn't produce a good burger joint soon I may have to open one myself.


kacy said...

opening one yourself could perhaps be the best idea I've heard... it would be the perfect trifecta in the Hamburger America trilogy... do it! I would greatly look forward to a burgerclub meating there.

Slice said...

What Kacy said. No kidding. You already have the perfect name for the joint. How can you lose?

Hamburger America said...

I know, thanks for the encouragement, but the restaurant biz sucks bigtime. I'd have to be a 'consultant', not a restauranteur..We'll see though. I've already been approached with concepts.