Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7 Burgers In 7 Hours

Local news and reviews of Hamburger America are starting to surface. Here's a good one from one of my favorite states, Oklahoma, home to 7 of the burgers in the book. A nutty reporter from News 9 in Oklahoma City attempted to eat at all 7 burger joints in 7 hours but didn't quite make it (It took he and the crew over 8 hours, impressive nonetheless). Click here to see the 5 minute segment. I love the graphic on the screen behind the anchors - that thing does not look edible.

When I was doing research for the book I could put away more than 7 burgers in a few hours pretty easily. It just takes practice. Sometimes I'd have to eat over 20 in a 4 day trip. But thanks to the book you only have to eat the good ones! Don't forget that I had to suffer through the bad ones too.

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Rob Hartmann said...


Why must I be tortured so!!!

Johnnies Grill in El Reno is the thing that dreams are made of!

Since I moved to California 18-years ago, every time I eat a Hamburger or Coney all I can think about is the next time I will visit family in Oklahoma, so I can eat Johnnies at least once a day.

The Onion Burger is absolutely the best anywhere and the Coneys “what is in that slaw” are killer. I can only dream.

Thanks for ruining my whole day!!!