Sunday, December 9, 2007

A New twist to Motz's Burgers

So the day after visiting the closed Motz's Burgers where I stood staring at the sign in disbelief, I decided to call the restaurant just to see how they answered the phone. I was curious about the pronunciation of my family name and wondered if there was some long-lost burger history among distant relatives. A woman answered the phone, "MOTTS, can I help you?" I was crushed. For decades, people have mishandled and mispronounced my last name (the 'o' is long and rhymes with 'GOATS'). When I showed Sue from Brooklyn my last entry, she responded with more history on the place: 

"The original name was MOTTS. The new owner took over the place...and changed the name to MOTZ because the original owner wouldn't sell his name."

Mystery solved, no family connection, just an accidental spelling of a semi-famous hamburger expert...

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