Friday, December 14, 2007

Biblical Burgers - Another Pilgrimage to In-N-Out

On a swing through the West Coast this week I had to make the obligitory stop at one of my favorite burger chains In-N-Out for a double-double, fries, and a chocolate shake. Always hot, fresh, and tasty, and open late, In-N-Out is a must on even the shortest visit to the the other coast. I have been to over 40 different In-N-Outs over the years and I'm still amazed by the chain's somewhat hidden biblical messages printed on most of the packaging. Flip over a milkshake cup and see, "Proverbs 3:5" (Trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding), and on the double-double wrapper, "Nahum 1:7" (The LORD is good...And He knows those who take refuge in Him). Under the soda cup is the often quoted, "John 3:16" (For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son...everlasting life). There may be others but I have not discovered them yet. In-N-Out is probably able to play the God Card because they are a private company. I would imagine if they were a publicly-owned burger chain, Christian messages and greasy nourishment would not be a great match. Regardless, In-N-Out makes a great burger and if it takes a little help from above to create one of the best fast-food products around so be it. It's just kinda odd to see a company overtly selling the ultimate California image (fast cars, hot hamburgers, and endless summers) while silently preaching the word of God. A burger spot deep in corn-country Illinois called the Moonshine Store also makes an amazing burger that has religious overtones. The owner Helen once told me, "I believe the Lord has a hand in this business." Whether it's Jesus, grilled onions, or bacon, whatever makes it taste better is fine with me.

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