Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Burgers

I spent the week at the beach at the end of June and made a point to sample a bunch of the local fresh-beef burgers on the East end of Long Island. Of the three talked-about burgers in the Hamptons that I tried it was the 'Chamby' of the Westhampton diner Dave's Bun 'N Burger that took the prize (the others I tried were not even worthy of mention here). 

The Chamby starts as fresh-ground beef from Dean's Meat Market only 2 doors down. The hand-pattied burger, around 1/3 of a pound, is grilled on an open flame and served on a white squishy bun with American cheese and a wad of sliced ham. Why others have not thought of this before is beyond me. The simple combo of beef, cheese, and ham is awesome.

Thankfully the summer has just begun and there will be more Bun 'N Burger visits in the near future.