Thursday, July 16, 2009

67 Burger - So Good

Here's my little brother Ted yesterday with a facefull of one of the best burgers in Brooklyn, the 67 Burger.

Last Friday the family stopped at 67 Burger in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on our way out to the beach for some greasy nourishment. The signature burger there is so good that my wife, the former vegetarian, announced, "I have to stop eating burgers." The 67 Burger, with a dollop of blue cheese spread and crispy bacon, (pictured left) is the ultimate guilty pleasure. So guilty that halfway through her burger she seriously considered quitting. I tried to explain that you swear off burgers when you've have enough bad experiences, not good ones. She'll be back. Who can pass up a great burger?

Ted and I went back yesterday just to make sure it really was that good, and it was.