Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hamburger America Heads to The White House

After seeing the Brian Williams NBC special "Inside The Obama White House" where Obama makes a burger run to Five Guys I felt it was necessary that the president had a copy of my book. I also sent a copy to the White House staff since it was obvious from the show that they all like burgers. If you missed the show, Obama and his wingman Reggie Love take orders around the office at lunch one day, slip out to a local DC Five Guys, and return to the White House with huge grease-stained bags full of burgers. It was a brilliant and unpretentious moment in the White House even if it had been solely for the cameras. Later that day the president sees First Lady Michelle and tells her that he had a 'tasty burger' for lunch with Brian. The brass at Five Guys headquarters must have been falling over themselves when they saw the show.