Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1600 Mile Harley Ride to Benefit Cancer Research

I received an excellent email from a fan saying that he and his wife were considering riding their Harleys from their home in Iowa to a burger spot from my book 800 miles away. This is my kind of adventure. Not just because it involved a great trek for a hamburger, but because it also combined my love of motorcycling with a cause that is close to my heart. 

They have enlisted 2 other friends in Iowa to make the trip this Friday May 1st and are looking for other riders to join them along the way. If you live between South Central Iowa and Memphis click here to get involved with "Bikes For Burgers" (you should also make a donation to their cause, breast cancer research, if you can). They plan to hit some of my favorites on the trip: Town Topic in Kansas City, Cotham's outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, and Dyer's in Memphis.

They plan on doing a trip like this every year near May 1st so I told them I would DEFINITELY  join them next year on a rented Harley for some portion of the trip. Now that's Hamburger America.


The ride organizer has just informed me that due to the awful weather throughout the southern Midwest the trip route has changed. They are now heading north to Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis. I hope they stop at Matt's Bar for a Jucy Lucy. Check back for trip photos here next week.