Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zaitzeff Has Sliders..Who Knew?

And they're good. Owner Zack Zaitzeff told me they are not always available though because the buns are specially made for them. "They are artisans," Zaitzeff said of the bakery that supplies the burger joint with those oft-talked about Portuguese buns. The sliders are really just miniature versions of their griddled sirloin burgers, which is a good thing. To qualify as a 'slider' Zaitzeff does it right and serves them with cheese and caramelized onions only.

If you are looking to try the excellent Zaitzeff sliders I would call ahead to make sure they are on the menu that day (they do not exist on the web menu or at the restaurant even though Zack explained that they have them "everyday"). The only reason I ordered them was because the chalkboard outside told me to.