Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tookie's is Definitely Closed - I Was There

I just got back from Houston where I saw, with my own eyes, the wrath that Hurricane Ike has wrought. "It looked a lot worse a few months ago," our sound guy Scott told me (we were in Houston filming the pilot for Hamburger America the TV show, more on that tomorrow). In the photos above you can see what the interior of Tookies used to look like and what it looks like now. It was truly heartbreaking. I noticed a waterline that was at about 5 feet so I'm assuming anything under that mark was trashed by water damage.

Interestingly, the place was cleaned out, free of tables, chairs, and swept clean. Is the owner planning on reopening? Who knows, especially since he won't return my calls. While we were filming shots of me looking in the windows a guy pulled up to ask what we were doing. He told me, "I've offered to buy the place but still haven't heard back from him."

Let's hope they reopen. What a wipeout it would be if we lost the Squealer.

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