Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BRGR Now Using LaFrieda Ground Beef

The great burgers at Chelsea burger joint brgr just got better. On one of my frequent visits to this slick-but-comfortable burger counter, I struck up a conversation with a managerial type named Cam(?). I discovered that in fact the restaurant is no longer getting their patties from way-out-west. Cam explained that the supplier could not handle the demand and went out of business. I do recall that just before Chris Russell (brgr's creator) disappeared he had me sample a burger made from a 'local purveyor'. The now-famous Pat LaFrieda burger blend (employed in some configuration by Shake Shack and the Spotted Pig) is in full swing at brgr. Go local. Nice job brgr.


Don said...

So, where is Chris Russell?

Hamburger America said...

You know, I asked Cam that exact question and his reply was, "I don't know." If you find out, let me know