Saturday, August 29, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Bobcat Considering Bun Change

We stopped into the Bobcat Bite for our semi-annual Green Chile Cheeseburger fix and noticed that once again not much has changed. That is until John Eckre conspicuously approached me in the dining room with a bag of buns. "I want your professional opinion," he started and my heart sank. The bag contained 5 large, semi-hard rolls and were cold to the touch. John explained that the white squishy buns they currently use tend to disintegrate in the to-go orders. I can safely attest that the buns do nearly disintegrate even if you get them hot of the grill and eat them at the counter. It's just a fact of life - Bobcat burgers are a bit much for the buns.

"I like them because they actually taste like homemade bread," he continued. I think I made a face but I had to give them a try. John is a good friend but my expectations were low. I was SHOCKED to discover that the bun worked. The 9-ounce patty at the Bobcat is a beast but this test bun cradled the burger perfectly. After John had warmed the bun on a nearby griddle it was as soft as a white squishy and held up to the copious amount of juice a Bobcat burger produces.

Bonnie Eckre is not interested in a new bun but only because she fears change. I think she'll change her mind. This bun was made for the Bobcat Burger. Sometimes a little change is good (just a little). For now the white squishys are still in use (and understandably John is afraid to break it to his current bun supplier).