Monday, December 8, 2008

Hamburger Identity Problem at Citicorp Center

Last week we took the kids into Manhattan to see the Rock Center Tree, the store windows on 5th Ave, and the famous enormo train layout at the Citigroup Center. In the multi-level, 3 scale, 750 sq ft layout, I was happy to see more than one drive-in burger joint displayed (there were in fact 4 diners I think, including a version of Arnold's from Happy Days). But the most curious building I saw was the scale version of a White Castle, or was it White Tower? It has been well documented that White Castle spent a large chunk of its income in the 1930s suing any 'White' imitators out of business (somewhat rightfully so). But it was the successful White Tower that seemed to hold on to the White Castle-esque persona well into the 1970s thanks to a forced royalty agreement. If you look closely at the photo above (click on it for a better view) you'll notice that the designers had a hard time choosing which 'White' would own the building...

And why is everyone walking around with large white bags on their shoulders? 

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tim h said...

Obviously those white bags are "crave rucksacks".