Monday, December 29, 2008

Bobcat Bite Book Signing A Success

It would have been enough to head out to the Bobcat for their revered green chile cheeseburger but the day after Christmas I was there to sign books. We chose to be there the 26th knowing that the crowd would be robust, and it was. By the time Collected Works set up the table of books for sale, the front patio was filled with hungry, waiting patrons. Clearly they were there for the burgers, not really for me. Regardless, I met and spoke to very passionate burger lovers from all over the country and most were happy to see their favorite spots listed in the book. Reporters were there from 3 papers including the Santa Fe New Mexican who wrote this nice piece the following day.

After talking and signing for over 2 hours I finally placed my order for the GCCB, pictured, my 2nd at the Bobcat in two days. The first was consumed next to my wife on Christmas Eve, her first burger in 17 years...(check back tomorrow for the full story).

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