Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Jersey's Finest - White Manna

Some may look at the picture to the left and question my burger sanity. But of course those who know better are beyond jealous that I ate those beauties at the White Manna in Hackensack, NJ yesterday. After a short work day, expert burger-taster Kris Brearton and myself decided to stop into the most historically significant burger joint in the tri-state area (read about it in my new book). 1pm on friday at the White Manna is daunting. The place is crammed wall-to-wall with Jersey burger brethren and there is no discernible method to ordering food (you wait until the grill person makes eye contact with you or shouts "next!"). There was a line out the door and the air was thick with onions and grease. I was happy to see that they had displayed the promotional material that my publisher had sent them, right up there with their awards and framed newspaper clippings. Their burgers may not be picture perfect but MAN do they taste good.


Rev said...
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Rev said...

Long time fan of the Mana.

As I am a big fan of your site, I named dropped you in a little fun post on the blog today.