Friday, February 29, 2008

Report from The Doodle

Well, not actually from the Doodle. On our ramble through Connecticut burger joints 2 weeks ago we met 3rd generation Doodle owner Rick Beckwith in a hotel parking lot in New Haven to show him the book and discuss the future of his restaurant. It was a slightly bizzare, clandestine meeting but Rick told us that the new Yankee Doodle will be opening before the summer. I forgot to ask where (doh!) because the original location is being gutted apparently. The enormous support Rick has seen (and a lot of cash) has made the re-opening possible. Amazing. He also mentioned that he has received emails from all over the world and has had numerous conversations with the mayor of New Haven concerning, I'm assuming, the importance of a joint like the Doodle in the fabric of America. Or maybe the mayor is just jonesing for a double doodle...

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