Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hamburger Holiday Gift Ideas 2011

Looking for a few last minute gifts for the burger nut on your gift list? I present to you my annual list of burger-centric goodies:

In-N-Out Post-It Pad

Need I say more? I have them all over my house and office. At the In-N-Out Store.

Smashburger Tee Shirt

Love the double entendre. In black and/or white at the Smash Gear Store.

2GB Hamburger Flash Drive

I know this was on the list last year, but come on, this is a great one! I wonder if they'll make a larger one with more patties - 2GB is almost too small these days. At Amazon.

Burger GPS App

How does one give a free app you may ask? Easy. Anytime you see someone who owns an iPhone or iPad ask to borrow it and download the app for them (or do it when they are not looking assuming you know their password). It's the (free) gift that keeps on giving, all year long. The link to the app is here.

Hamburger America, Revised and Updated!

The newest version of my book is available now and includes an additional 52 burger joints with updates on the burgers from the first edition. Published by Running Press, May 2011 and available at Amazon and (and just about any place where awesome books are sold).