Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beef Change at Schnipper's

I stopped into one of my newish favorites, Schnipper's, recently for a quickie and noticed right away that something had changed about the burger. My default order there is the signature colossus, the Hickory Bacon Blue, which is just fantastic. Chase it with a killer shake and your day is set. I found out after my visit from one of the Schnipper brothers that they have made the switch to Pat LaFrieda ground beef. It's pretty obvious. How do Pat and Mark keep up with all of these new clients?

Also it has been rumored that Schnipper's is planning on opening another restaurant, this one on Madison Park just steps from the original Shake Shack. I wonder if the brothers Schnipper were getting back at them for opening a new Shack just 3 blocks from their flagship store...