Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hamburger Love Leads To Wedding Bells

A few months back a girl from Ohio emailed to say that after reading my book she and her boyfriend were moved to take this journey. I spent a week in Ohio eating and researching burgers and these two lovebirds hit all six of my faves in one day! That's correct, they managed to visit Hamburger Wagon, Crabill's, Wilson's, Kewpee, Thurman Cafe, and Gahanna Grill, all within 13 hours. And as if that weren't enough, they saved the behemoth Thurman Burger for last! I can't even imagine. These two really like burgers so naturally I really like them.

A few weeks ago I received another email saying that they were tying the knot (congrats!) and of course hamburgers were involved. They have decided to go on a 'Hamburger Honeymoon', most likely the first of its kind (c'mon Brides Magazine! Now there's a story..) and they have asked the food community for advice. Please take a minute and visit their Chowhound thread, check out their route, and make sure they have enough great burger joints to visit.

I think I'll suggest to my wife that we renew our vows, but only if it leads to our own Hamburger Honeymoon.