Thursday, October 1, 2009

To DBGB For The Menage A Trois

In the green room just before going on the Martha Show I was chatting with friend and burger icon Daniel Boulud. He asked if I had been to his newish DBGB on the bowery for the burgers. "Have you tried the Menage A Trois yet?" he said with a wink and a smile. I was invited to DBGB to try the 3-burger salute that included The Frenchie, The Piggie, and The Yankee and I graciously accepted.

The three 6-ounce burgers are available lunch and dinner at DBGB. The Piggie is topped with, among other things, a barbeque-sauced pulled pork, The Frenchie is topped with a slice of confit pork belly and soft French cheese, and The Yankee is an American classic with onion, lettuce, and tomato. Like their big brother, the famous DB Burger stuffed with fois gras served uptown, each burger at DBGB includes many elements that make for a tasty gourmet burger experience. Of the three my fave was, I kid you not, The Frenchie (far right in the photo). The pork belly and cheese enhanced the beefiness of the burger and was truly satisfying. 

I looked around the restaurant and noticed that The Yankee was clearly the favorite among lunchgoers. We also sampled a few of the amazing house-made sausages and were knocked over. Boulud knows his encased meats.