Thursday, November 29, 2007

A movie and soon a book

Hamburger America began as 54 min. documentary film about 8 hamburger joints in America. Seven years since I took the first bite of my 'research', the film has premiered on the Sundance Channel, PBS, and various film festivals, it has become required viewing at Princeton University, and a book deal was struck.  In April 2008 Hamburger America - One Man's Odyssey to Find the Best Burgers in the Nation hits bookstores.  The state-by-state guidebook is the ultimate reference for the burger adventurer or the nostalgic preservationist.  The book includes 100 of my personal favorites as well as 120 full-color portraits of burgers and their creators. This blog should have been started years ago. Starting today, I will attempt to share my vast burger knowledge with the it happens.


hugh jorgan said...

I can not wiat for the book to come out!

Slice said...

George: Did you tell me you had a blog and I just spaced it? I'm so glad to see you started one. I always wondered why you were denying the world your burger knowledge. Welcome to the burgerblogosphere!